VILLAINY! …or something. | Director/Co-Playwright/Performer
Portfringe 2022 | June 16, 17, & 18, 2022

VILLAINY! (…or something?) is afoot. Though honestly we don’t know if we really thought this whole thing through… so just… give us 20 minutes of your time… or else your will shall be mine! Erm… ours? Anyway… we shall see. *dramatic cape flip* And then maybe we’ll all learn something. So there!

Part of a trio of performances including Jurassic Jo’s Dino Show! and You Should Smile More.

Thursday, June 16 @ 7:30PM – at Goodfire
Friday, June 17 @ 9:00PM – at PortFiber
Saturday, June 18 @ 5:30PM – at PortFiber

Story Gauntlet: Live! | Producer/Director/Performer
REykjavik Fringe 2022 | July 2 & 3, 2022

One story. Many Storytellers. One Gauntlet. This video, virtual game of storytelling telephone is going live and getting even more chaotic, as each gauntlet will leave one story forever changed by the fickle memories, short attention spans, and high anxiety of its storytellers.

After winning The Reykjavik Award at the Virtual PortFringe 2021, Story Gauntlet gets the chance to go international and bring a live, multimedia, in-person 60-minute version of this event to Reykjavik, Iceland in summer 2022!

Waiting for Alice by Allison McCall | Director
Mad Horse Theatre CoMPANY | Digital stream thru June 30th

What is an Alice? In the liminal space of the Mad Tea Party, the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse maintain their ceremony of stories, games, tea, and colorful chaos under the watchful eye of the Cheshire Cat as they prepare for Alice’s long-awaited arrival. Waiting for Alice is a physical, absurdist, and surreal ensemble-driven play that explores the ritual of a tight-knit community forever bound by circumstance.

Poster by Art by Buffcat


Chris DeFilipp is a Portland, Maine-based multi-hyphenate theater artist (director/lighting designer/playwright) and administrator, graphic designer, and all-around nerd. When not freelancing or creating, he moonlights as a House Manager at Portland Stage, is the founder of Chimera Theatre Collective, and is the Technical Director for Stranger than Fiction Improv and Comedy in Portsmouth, NH.

Education: BA in Liberal Arts (Theatre) at Bennington College


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